Hot Mess 4 Life

I’m sure most of my friends seeing the blog for the first time weren’t surprised of the name. Totally Blessed Hot Mess. It’s no secret that the struggle is real in my life. I’m the mom that’s always late, holding a Starbucks. Because, coffee.  And because, Team No Sleep.

Now I haven’t always been a total hot mess. Before kids I was actually early to events! I think my issue stems from the fact that I’m not a perfectionist. Like, at all. Farthest thing from it.  I always joke that I’m so terrible at parking my beast of a suburban, I’m always “scraping by”. Literally. As is how I’m getting though life. 

My husband on the other hand is basically perfect at everything he does. From parallel parking to building a fence or fixing an engine, he does it with ease. I can picturing him cringing when his phone lights up with my name during the day “Hot Hilary” (I picked that name, naturally), wondering what disaster I’ve gotten myself into. 

Here’s one of my recent “Hot Mess” experiences from last week:

It was just another typical morning. Hurrying out the door as fast as I can manage a 2.5 year old, a 9 month old in a car seat, diaper bag, purse, toddler back pack and coffee. Super fast, as you can imagine. Struggling to find one of the three sets of keys I like to keep on me, in any one of the 20 pockets available.

Getting into my boat of a suburban, it might as well be a school bus. The smell of old pee on the toddlers car seat has somehow gotten normal for me, think barn yard. However, when someone else rides in my truck I’m quickly reminded that maybe I should get to laundering the cover. I’ll do it tomorrow…I finally pull out of my driveway, 10 minutes late and wonder what the strange sound is? Well, darn my tailgate is wide open! Pull back in the drive, close door, drive out, hear loud crunch and bump, drive off quickly remembering that my coffee was sitting on the bumper. Not anymore… better hit Caribou.  Wait! Here comes the “totally blessed” part of my name- At least I didn’t knock the garbage over when I backed out for the second time on our way to Montessori school. 👏🏼 Beauty in everyday, guys. Beauty in everyday. 

Lots of people like to give me the same special tip on how to manage my time better. “Why don’t you try to leave earlier?” 🤣 Good one Celeste, fantastic idea! 

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Soul Salvaged

31 year old wife and mother of 2. Living in Minnesota, USA. Finding the beauty in the everyday chaos. Boho+White Trash Fabulous meeting in the middle. Style, parenting, photography, adventure & artful expression with a glimpse of humor.

One thought on “Hot Mess 4 Life

  1. I can’t imagine 2, I can barely handle 1. Thursday I will have to tell you all about me locking my keys in the house & breaking in the basement window as Rowan laughed. But YES you need to always look at the bright side.


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