DIY Pumpkin Garland

If you’re from Minnesota I’m sure you’re familliar with MEA Break. Most schools have 2-3 days off this week for a large teacher convention. That means a lot of us parents are home with the kiddos or heading out for a long weekend getaway. Here’s a fun autumn craft to do with your family with the extra time. Made with things your probably have around the house!

DIY Pumpkin Garland! Easy enough for toddlers and fun for adults too. 

You don’t need to make garland if you don’t want. You can just make some pumpkins to decorate flower pots, candles, your front door, etc. 

Supplies Needed:

– Brown Paper Bag 1-2 (depending on how many pumpkins you make)

– White Paper (I used my regular printer paper) 5-10 sheets

– Paper Plate 

– Paint: Orange & Green (or any color you like. I used ALEX Sparkle Paints)

– Apple (slice in half)

– Fork 1-2 to make a handle on your apple stamp

– Chopstick or Toothpick for painting the stem (could use a variety of other items to accomplish this)

– String (I used thing hemp)

– Tape or Glue Stick (I used tape because I’m a hot mess and didn’t have a glue stick which would have been ideal)

– Markers (for optional pumpkin embellishments)

First- Slice Apple in half, add fork like a handle and squirt desired amount of paint on the paper plate

Second- Dip Apple into paint and stamp onto white paper. 

Third- Put some green paint on the paper plate. Using a chopstick or other utensil paint the pumpkin stem on. 

Let dry. 

After the pumpkins are dry, cut around each pumpkin leaving a little white edge. 

Glue or tape the pumpkins onto the brown paper bag. Then cut around each pumpkin leaving a brown frame. 

Cut desired length of string. I chose to hang mine on my fireplace mantle. 

Use the end of a scissor tip to make a small hole in the paper for the pumpkins to slide on the string. 

You can decorate your pumpkins with jack o lantern faces, letters to spell out words such as H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N or festive phrases. 

My little Peach (2.5) loved this activity. She helped with all the painting and stamping. When she was napping I completed the garland. She woke up to a fun surprise!

I hope you all enjoy this autumn craft! Shoot me a comment with your pics if you make them.


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Soul Salvaged

31 year old wife and mother of 2. Living in Minnesota, USA. Finding the beauty in the everyday chaos. Boho+White Trash Fabulous meeting in the middle. Style, parenting, photography, adventure & artful expression with a glimpse of humor.

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