Hot Mess of the Week- Carrot Incident 

For all the crackers, yogurt, and applesauce my toddler craves she petitions me on the regular for carrots. Healthy, organic, raw carrots! Can you say “Mom win?!” 

Peach (2.5) at a mall food court requesting raw carrots and hummus instead of endless fried options

Moms always have snacks in their diaper bags or purses. It goes with the territory. Such as chapstick, baby wipes, hand sanitizer and tissues. 

You’re not armed for battle on the motherhood war grounds if you show up empty handed when the tummies start growling. 

Needless to say, instead of carb loading the toddler I try to offer vegetables whenever possible. Before running out the door (yes, late as usual) I stuff a baggie full of organic baby carrots from Costco. Toss it in my black velour Michael Kors backpack and scurry out the door.

Fast forward to a cabin weekend with family. Toddler is itching for a crunchy treat, I remember that I probably have some of those carrots in my bag! Open the shiny gold zipper, dig around blindly feeling for familiar ziplock. Oh! Found it! Out comes one bag… NO, PLEASE NO. How long has this been in my backpack?! My family exclaims! The bag is full of rotten carrots. 

I start to wonder what else I’ve forgotten in the dark depths of “Michael”. Feel around some more. Stomach drops. Out comes bag 2 of rotten carrots. 

Feels around more… out comes bag 3 of rotten carrots floating in rancid liquid. 3 freaking baggies of fermented root veggies at this point.

My family is laughing and screaming hysterically now. Can’t believe me, yet, of course they can because let’s not forget, I’m a “Hot Mess.” And lets be honest here: who has time to clean out their bag everyday…or week…or month? Add it to the list of the game parents play, “what’s that smell?” 

If you had a hot mess moment this week I’d love to hear it! Shoot me a comment. 

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Have a blessed Sunday! ✌🏼💖 -Hilary

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Soul Salvaged

31 year old wife and mother of 2. Living in Minnesota, USA. Finding the beauty in the everyday chaos. Boho+White Trash Fabulous meeting in the middle. Style, parenting, photography, adventure & artful expression with a glimpse of humor.

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