Hot Mess of the Week- Swimming Lessons

I take my offspring to community ed swimming lessons weekly. It’s a class where each kid swims with an adult. It’s typically me and then my sister accompanying one of the babes 90% of the time. 

Peach (2.5) posing by the splash pad

It was the first day of the fall session. I packed up  our swimsuits, towels, swim diaper, and toiletries. We shuffle out the door and we’re on our way. I was feeling soooo good. On time! Can I get an Amen?! I try to get to the gym a little early so we can play at the splash pad. Peach can get about 20 trips down the slide in 5 minutes. The girl is in love! 

Auntie Mimi & Chief (9mo) post swim class

I squeeze into a parking spot, barely. My husband requests that I park at the back of the lot so I stop hitting other vehicles, curbs and signage with my blacked out suburban. Reach to grab our swim bag, OH NO. Why me?! I left the Lucky Brand leather patchwork bag at home on my kitchen island. In plain sight, yet again, I overlook a crucial element of our evening adventure as I hurried out the door. I call Mimi. She’s like “what happened now?” Nothing shocks my sister at this point. We decide to go in anyway and see what we can do.

Peach (2.5) and Auntie Mimi playing with a rubber ducky toy during a lesson
We figure that Mimi and Peach can still go swimming. Peach will just have to go in her sundress and undies. Smh. But how can you tell a toddler no after we’re already there?! Chief and I are watching the class get ready to begin. The swim director walks by and I tell her about my fiasco of the day. She comes back with a swim diaper for the baby, men’s swim trunks and rash guard for me. She recommends I wear my bra under it. Lol. My hubs even asked if I went sans-bra. 🤣  They even lent us a lion baby towel that we all had to share!

You guys, the looks we got that day. Priceless! I was just happy to get in the water with my family. I dove under and splashed around. Yep, I’m that Mom. Not the one worried about her hair and makeup. YOLO!

The Hot Mess fam photo evidence

How I get through my days without a helmet surprises me too. 

☮️💜 – TBHM Hilary

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