Hot Mess of the Week- Pee Pants

I’ve only been in the process of potty training my toddler for a year now. 14 months to be exact. I hear people talk about the “3 day Potty Training”, maybe I should give that a go 😜 It sounds super convenient taking your kid to the toilet every 15 minutes and never leaving the house. Don’t get me wrong, I would say she’s “basically trained” she’s gone 5 days straight with zero slip ups. Typically having approximately 1 accident a day, or less.  However, sometimes it’s more…

Peach (2) on her first day of school this year, which marked the 1 year anniversary of potty training

Fast forward to about 9 Months in of pull ups, endless 2T undies and potty seats. Not much improvement or light at the end of the tunnel. I decided to drop the pull ups cold turkey. ✌🏼 Muscle memory is a real thing. Knowing the padding between your legs is ready and available to soak up urine is a free for all in the toddler world. No more kiddo! Sorry. Either pee on the pot or have wet pants. Well, my kid doesn’t really care if her pants are wet. Jokes on me I suppose. Everywhere we go now, I bring along extra underwear and pants. I’ve said it before, I don’t travel lightly. Maybe that’s why I’m #alwayslate or that my truck smells like pee.

Pic of the winning toilet after much trial and error. Summer Infant Brand

Most nights after swimming lessons we go out and grab a bite to eat. As luck would have it, on the way to dinner my little Peach pees in her car seat. Well, this day had already been a DOOZY. E.g.-She woke up in the morning in soaked sheets and comforter from pee leakage. I had to rig up her bed with her old baby crib comforter since hers all needed to be laundered. I digress, I dig around to grab another pair of pants and undies. Awesome… I have no more pants for her, so what do I do? Squeeze her into her baby brothers pants. This isn’t the first or second time I’ve had to do this. Knowing me, it’s not the last time either.

Peach (2.5) in said baby brothers pants at her bedside- baby crib comforter pictured. Notice the pull-up bulge?

Off we go into the Chinese restaurant looking like the epitome of a hot mess, no doubt. I’m just feeling particularly blessed that my 9 month old and 2.5 year old can wear the same size. For a Monday I’d say we’re “winning!” Here’s where I contemplate even telling my husband about the pee pants. He typically has the same reply for me. Something along the lines of “ha! Typical Hily, what’s new?” As my toddler and baby are plowing through shrimp egg fu young and wonton soup my sister and I are laughing and shaking our heads because it’s really just another day in the life of a Totally Blessed Hot Mess.

Peach (2.5) at the restaurant after a restroom attempt
I hope your week is a little less messy than mine! 

💝- TBHM Hilary

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