My Montessori Home- Book Display

You may have caught wind that my daughter attends a Montessori school. She began at 16 months old. When she started I knew very little about The Montessori Method of learning. In short, this education model was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori after scientific observation of children from birth-adulthood. It’s a very hands on environment where children are encouraged by “help me to do it myself” philosophy. Think outside the classroom walls. The way my daughter has blossomed since beginning at her Montessori school is priceless. My 2 year old is so independent I’m fairly certain she would survive if not flourish if she was alone for 24 hours. I recommend it to everyone contemplating schools for their children. 

As I was witnessing the special way my daughter was learning, I too, began educating myself on Montessori at home. Through parent night workshops and speakers at school, books and online research I have been adapting our home to foster my children’s “absorbent minds” (as Dr. Montessori would say). 

Don’t get my wrong, I’m not claiming to have a perfect Montessori home. We fall victim to Trolls and Moana every so often. However, there are small steps you can take to prepare an environment for your child that make them feel included in your little community. Which leads me to… Book Displays!

Book display in my 9 month olds bedroom

The main reason for book displays like this is that many children will need to see the cover of a book to be drawn to reading it. Not only are the front of the books shown, they are fully accessible to young children. Can you say, “less mess”?! Independence is so important in building self confidence, here is an easy way to begin. 

Floor book display in our living room

I rotate the book selection every week or two. I normally follow a theme or “extension” with my choices. Pictured above is a Autumn/Thanksgiving/Winter themed assortment. For example, we had a monarch chrysalis awaiting metamorphosis on our kitchen counter. Extensions selected were “The Hungry Catepillar”, butterfly and garden books. We’re blessed to have an abundant library at home where I use for some rotations. We also visit our local library to borrow a few seasonal specials. 

Bathroom book display

We have a small book display in the bathroom as well. Helps encourage time for getting comfortable using a toilet. (A tip from my daughters Montessori Guide) The book displays in my sons room and living room I found at a flea market. The bathroom display was a toiletrie caddy. You can make use of things you already own, repurpose or thrift. Montessori can be affordable! So far our transition to Montessori has brought us a lot of peace. My toddler puts her books away! *Shoutout to Usborne “What is Poop” lift the flap book. It NEVER gets old, guys!*

My son browsing a book in front of his Montessori mirror

Have you implemented any Montessori type book displays in your home? Want to start? I’d love to know if you do! Feel free to comment or message with any inquiries.

🧡📚 – TBHM Hilary

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