2 Ingredient DIY Play Dough 

I had 1K things to do but I said “screw it”. Today I’m gonna be a cool mom. Let’s make the house even messier, ignore the endless chore list but make some memories. DIY Play Dough it is! Don’t worry, there’s no way I had special glue and glitter on hand. I’m not “that cool”. Shave cream and cornstarch it is! 

It’s beyond simple to make. Even a 2 year old can do it 😉 Which by now I could bet you know my daughter was in heaven. Grab a bowl and mix equal parts corn starch and shave cream. I eyeballed it. Which is a rule of thumb for my life. Included but not limited to my- cooking, driving and parenting. 

Peach 2.5 adding cornstarch to the bowl

I recommend just mixing it up with your hands. We added a few optional drops of food coloring for funsies. 

I gave her a plate, bowl and some utensils. She was set! The little chef in her began making pizza. 

Baby safe play too! Just put the dough in a baggie! 

Chief (9 Months Old) with baggie of Play Dough

Perfect for a weekend Crafternoon ☺️

Let me know if you give it a try with your babes!

💚🥣  TBHM Hilary

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