Mommy and Me Outfits

The day I found out I was having a girl I started daydreaming of us matching. Or “twinning” if you will. Can you blame me? I was getting my own little mini me! (Even though she came out looking exactly like her father) Where does one even find matching outfits in adult and infant sizes? I had no idea. Fast forward a few months. I’m out swinging through Old Navy for deals with my baby girl strapped to my chest. *Always enter Old Navy with your arms free😆*. I look through the women’s section first, then on to babies. I notice a similar pattern sundress. Stops…did I really just find mommy & me sundresses?! Heck yes, I’m getting them! Just in time for Mother’s Day 💕

Here I am holding Peach (13 Months Old) in matching Old Navy sundresses. On Mother’s Day!

I even got us matching sandals from Target (not pictured). Yep, I’m once again, “that Mom”. Old Navy doesn’t clearly promote their mommy & me collection in store. However, they have several styles and patterns that are indeed matching. They do have a section dedicated on their website. Browse through right here

I also love getting dresses for my daughter because she can normally wear them the next season as a cute top with leggings. Now let’s talk MATCHING LEGGINGS!!! I’m sure you’ve heard of Lularoe. The first leggings I ever purchased from LLR were matching ones for Peach and I! I fell in love with the “buttery soft” material. Am I even wearing pants?! Especially perfect for sweet little legs.

If I can’t find an actual Mommy & Me set I’m all for twinning by color/fabric/accessory coordination. Point A, B and C below 👇🏼

Peach (13 Months) and I. Twinning in gray outfits, headbands and sandals

If you thought I’d limit my twining to my daughter you’ve been mistaken. Obv I want to match with my sonshine too! 💙

Chief (7 Months) and I. Matching in blue velour sweatshirts

Chief sporting Absorba Baby and I’m in Juicy Couture. Mine has matching jogger shorts not pictured yet, worth mentioning 😁

My baby, Chief (7 Months Old) and I. Twinning swimwear… twinning swimwear guys!

My monokini from Target. Chief’s rash guard from Old Navy. Swim trunks from Baby Gap. Hat from Target. 

I have also been known to “Twin” with footwear. Ugg, Nike and Minnetonka Moccasin are some of my favorites to date. 

Peach & I in our Minnetonka Moccasins
Nike Air Max (women’s and infant pictured)

My hubby has matching Air Max Nikes with us too. “Icy whites” that didn’t last long!

Have you found any Mommy & Me outfits around? I’d love to know where your favorites came from. If you’re on the fence about twinning…don’t be! They’re only little once. I’m sure it’s a matter of time before they only wear black. 😉 

✌🏼💁🏼‍♀️-TBHM Hilary

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