Hot Mess of the Week- Lost Keys

It almost goes without saying that I’ve lost my keys before. You can’t really call yourself a Hot Mess unless you misplace very important items. I bought my blacked out “war wagon”, as my husband cleverly (he thought) named it from a private party. Upon purchase, we left with 1 set of keys. The previous owner promised to mail the other set at a later date… Looking back, this was probably some God like foreshadowing.

Somewhere in the Northwoods of Minnesota. Near abandoned building. Peach (12months old) stunning in her Jordans

This story happens to be pre-baby #2. I’ve always been a hot mess, Chief has just helped keep the tornado spinning at full speed. One day Peach and I were getting ready to head on out on a big adventure. Probably a stop at my sisters house or target. What’s new? I get us all dressed and accessorized. (Back when I could get ready during her morning nap… R.I.P. only child days) We shuffle out to the car, my large bell-bottomed jeans swooshing. Yep, I totally remember what I was wearing. My memory works 2 ways: 1. What was I wearing? 2. What was I eating? I digress. Pull shiny black door handle, slaps back… heart sinks… searches every pocket on body frantically. Approximately 15 pockets. Empty, empty, empty. Searches house like I’m digging for gold. Nothing. The pep in my step in starting to feel heavvvy. Knowing what’s next, the dreaded phone call to my husband. Aka, my number 1 emergency responder. 

Pic of me, hubs and Peach the weekend we bought the suburban. Getaway in Grand Marais, MN

I call. He’s less than amused. He ends up calling a tow truck from our road side service program. “Black Beauty” as I prefer to call her, gets towed to the Chevrolet Dealership. I have a friend drop us off and wait for a new key to be programmed. Guess how much it cost? FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. $500 freaking dollars, people! At that point I wanted to say “screw it” and buy a totally new vehicle. (I admit, I can be a little dramatic…) 😜 

Sighs…I begrudgingly hand the clerk $500.00. They say my vehicle is ready, out Peach and I go. I open the car door, try to put key in. Something is weird. Oh suuuuuper cool, I’m in the WRONG truck. Walk of shame back inside. They tell me “it’s being pulled around the front now”. Really?! Why me?! And do you sell beer?!

Fast forward to pulling in my driveway at home. Slide hand to drop new key in the pocket I normally keep them in. LITERAL POUNDING HEART PALPITATIONS- I pull out the missing set of keys. 😫😭😩 Really?! How will I ever admit this to Mr. Perfect (hub)? Thankfully, he’s a seasoned veteran with my hot mess antics, so he just laughed. The next week I got the other set in the mail. Talk about timing. *I blame it on sleep deprivation*

Do you have an epic missing key story? Spill it with me!

🌪 🔑- TBHM Hilary

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