Not Your Average Breakfast with Santa 

The magic of the morning was overflowing. Santa, breakfast buffet, cookie decorating, ornament making, leather crafts, horses, lake views, nature walks and more was experienced this morning. Where might you wonder? Voyager Environmental Center in Mound, MN. Lodge and cabins, hiking trails, beaver pond, pine forest, archery range and more overlooking Little Long Lake. I might just venture to say this is what dreams are made of. Side note- we arrived only 40minutes later than I told my friends. Smh. #Hotmessforlife

Peach (2.5) telling Santa she’d like cookies for Christmas

Our family of 4 entered for $25.00. The buffet was filled with pancakes, eggs, bacon, apples, coffee, juice, hot cocoa and plenty of toppings. The decorate your own cookie bar was a big hit too! Especially after my daughter told Santa she’d like “cookies” for Christmas. (Lucky us, that’s a pretty inexpensive request 😉) 

BIG PLUS- no line for Santa and I took as many photos as my heart desired. 

Chief (10mo) & Peach (2.5) visiting with Santa

Now let’s get a little creative! Or perhaps messy… Make and decorate your own ornament from buckthorn tree discs. I’m looking forward to my children’s Christmas tree ornament collections. Bring on the traditions!
Peach (2.5) working on her ornament
Next up, customize your own leather bracelets! Hand pound letters and designs! Peach had some assistance from her daddy. 

Outside we go! Perhaps the highlight of the morning.

Carrots or mini candy canes were very popular treats. To complete the outdoor adventure, leaf pile! 

Peach with my friend and fellow Mom bloggers son
Little Long Lake. Mound, MN.

Owned and operated under The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities. Open for events like today, summer camps, rental options, etc. View their website here. My local friend had told me about today’s gathering. Facebook had an event page as well. 

There are many Santa breakfasts around. This one takes the cake in my honest opinion. We’re hitting another one in a couple of weeks. Do you have a favorite location or family tradition? Comment and share please!

Me & Chief headed out!

❤️🐴 -TBHM Hilary

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