Favorite Baby Item of the Week- Play Gym 

It dawned on my this morning that our IKEA Leka Baby Gym needs to be featured here. This baby gym is an all time favorite around the house. As I was watching my 10 month old son jingle the hanging toys it hit me that this is so much more than just a frame to plop a newborn under. 

IKEA recommends this for ages 0-18 Months. However, I can vouch for the fact that it can entertain far beyond that. My 2.5 year old daughter utilizes the play gym as often as my baby! To her it’s a table, a restaurant, car keys, walker, boat, horse stable and more. I’m all about “open ended” activities if you haven’t caught on by now. 

Chief (10mo) exploring the play gym

I picked ours up at one of my favorite local consignment shops for half price. Shoutout to Children’s Orchard! I got lucky, not knowing how much use we would actually get from it. I almost put it away when Chief was starting to crawl. Now it’s something I keep out 24/7. I don’t even need to rotate this one! This birch wood beauty is available from IKEA now for $29.99. Worth every penny. 

It’s rare to find a baby item that really can last from birth through toddlerhood. It also doesn’t take up much room. Not an eye sore either! 👏🏼 

Do you have the Leka Baby Gym? Or a different play gym you’d recommend? Comment and share please! If you decide to get the IKEA play gym let me know what you think!

💚🚼-TBHM Hilary

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