InnerActive Indoor Playground

Old Man Winter hit the Twin Cities hard this week. Brrr baby, brrr. My little Peach couldn’t play outside much and it’s obviously wearing on her (and me 😬). After 2 days of nap struggles I knew we had to get that tiny bod moving. Hard. InnerActive is the gal for the job! 

Peach (2.5)

Located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, InnerActive is a climate controlled indoor playground open 365 days a year! Children ages 1-17 are admitted for $9/ day. Open from 7:30-9 PM. Adults are free with paying child. Today it cost $9 total for my 2.5 year old, my 10 month old, my sister and I. Monthly and yearly memberships are available. 

Chief (10months)

Picture large scale playground, toddler playground, huge jumping pillow, climbing wall, basketball court, soccer court, building block area, nursing room, family restroom, party room and more! InnerActive can meet almost any child’s entertainment needs. 

Peach on the jumper with her Auntie (my super helper of the day!)

InnerActive is an “unstaffed” facility. That’s how they can manage to be open everyday for long hours. You just buy your admission online and use a code to enter the secured building. 

Chief mountain climbing up the jumper

A few Pro-Tips:

-Bring socks for everyone. Preferably non-slip grippers for young children.

-If going with multiple children including an infant, bring a baby carrier or extra set of hands. Really, both if you can swing it. (Like me ✋🏼 I got super lucky having a 17yr old sister at the same time I have young children – I pay her in food)

-Dress your mobile children in the brightest clothing they own. Probably the most important tip. DO IT. You are going to regret it if you don’t. They move fast and this place is bustling. 

Peach’s porthole peeping (aka in her fort)

This wasn’t our first time to InnerActive and it will not be our last! I’m already thinking ahead to Peach’s 3rd birthday party. 🤔 This might just be the winning place! 

On the Toddler Play Gym

Bring your own snacks or meals. Vending machines and delivery available. Check out the InnerActive website to learn more or buy a day of play! 
Here I am taking Chief down the slide for the first time

If you go to InnerActive I suggest swinging by Ham’s Sandwich Shop or grabbing some to bring to InnerActive with you! Delish! Just a minute from IA!

Have you been to InnerActive yet? I’d love to hear what you thought! Or if you go after seeing this HMU with how it went! If you have another favorite indoor playground- share the wealth! We’ve got to keep these kids busy in the winter season and ensure nap-time! P.S. Peach had an accident free day! #Blessed

🤸🏼‍♀️🏀⚽️❄️- TBHM Hilary

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  1. Love the pic of Ivy in her fort! Hams is pretty much a hidden gem….. I’m gonna blame you if they are super busy next time I’m there for the plug…. 🤣

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