Montessori Gift Ideas

Here is a list of some of my favorite Montessori type toys/activities for infants and toddlers. However, many of these pieces have charm for years after that! Great for Holiday gift giving, birthdays and beyond. I could have an endless list but I’ll keep it to 10 for now. All conveniently available on Amazon. 👏🏼 Affordable options!

1. Wooden Peg & Hammer Toy (Big hit at the Poulsen house!) 

2. Wooden Bead Maze– I particularly like the suction cups on the bottom of this. I secure it out our wood floors! We also have a larger version but this is a nice starting place and doesn’t take up a lot of space. 

3. Bell Rattle– Great one to introduce from 0-12 Months and the adventure continues as my 2.5 year old still plays with it. Fun addition to our music box. 

4. Textured Multi Ball Set – A delight in each ball! Try keeping your children’s hands (and mouths!) off of them! Indoor, outdoor, bath time and more. Our furry friends are big fans too! *Also available at Target*

5. Wooden Push & Pull Toy– Very popular one at my house. I can’t promise your kids won’t fight over it! 

6. Pattern Blocks & Boards– A next level type puzzle for your older toddlers. These we work on when my baby is sleeping since there are small pieces. My daughter loves this even more since it’s a special time. 

7. Fold & Go Trampoline– Jump, jump, jump around! God knows toddlers need to shake their sillies out frequently. This my friends is a need. 

8. Wooden Building Blocks– I couldn’t picture my home without our beloved blocks. The open ended possibilities! We create something with them almost everyday. From a bridge to towers, or even just clicking them together to a musical beat. 

9. Animal Models– I know I say everything is my kids’ favorite but truly animals hold the top spot in my toddlers world. We have SO MANY animals but I particularly like the farm animals since we get to see them all in real life here in Minnesota. (Pro Tip- you want the animals as realistic as possible)

10. Baby Doll – Anatomically Correct– The way my daughter plays with her baby is heart melting. It’s an important part for language development and her dramatic play. Even better if you have another baby on the way or new addition to the family. (Plus, I was sold on this mushroom outfit!)

There are so many other fantastic Montessori type toys available to us. This is a good place to start or get inspired. 

Do your children have any of the items? What’s a favorite in your home? Let me know if any of these make it under your tree this year!

Happy Shopping!

🎁 💖- TBHM Hilary

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