Sea Life Aquarium- MOA

As the bone chilling winter freeze hit Minnesota brutally this week our outdoor festivities were swapped for indoor. I’m talking cars won’t start, crunching snow, eye watering cold. With the toddler on break from school and hubby managing a day off, Sea Life here we come! It may be one of the busiest mall days of the year but that didn’t stop our hunger for a little priceless family time. 

Chief (11 Months) j-chillin in the stroller

God sent down a little glimmer of light and we slipped into a “expectant mother and young children” parking spot on the east ramp. Bundled like the ‘Christmas Story’ boy we packed every little thing we may need in our Baby Jogger City Select Double and plowed our way to the Sea Life ticket counter. 

Peach (2.5) experiencing the rockpool

Start the adventure off touching star fish as big as your hands, anemones, shrimp and more in the Pacific Northwest Rockpool. I recommend pulling your kids sleeves up first 😜

Hubby with Peach and Chief viewing the Ray Lagoon

Check out the Sting Ray Lagoon. 15,000 gallon pool with dozens of Cownose, Southern Stingrays and Guitarfish. We even got to feed them shrimp! 

Lots of low windows for all age access viewing

Interactive exhibits along the way!

The Jellyfish Discovery room was one of my favorites. I love the dark views of these mysterious creatures. Chief pointed his way through it! 

The way the layout moves you won’t miss anything you’d like to see. From the Seahorse Kingdom, Coral Caves and Mysteries of the Rainforest there’s a little something for every aquarium fan. 

Peach viewing a Seahorse Aquarium

Finishing off with a 300+ foot Ocean Tunnel! This walk is spectacular. Sand Tiger Sharks, Sea Turtles, Nurse Sharks, Stingrays and more. 

You can’t have an aquarium in Minnesota without a few familiar faces! Peek at The Sturgeon Lake exhibit to see the native fish.

Some ticket deets-

Children 0-2 are free! We even snagged a couple $5 off coupons from my sister. Check out Mall Of America’s Toddler Tuesday for admission discounts. There’s also an extensive list of Kids Eat Free restaurants for the TT promotion. Visit SeaLife MOA online for discounted tickets as well.

Have you been to SeaLife at Mall of America? Did the family enjoy it? If you go and see the exhibit I’d love to know your thoughts. I’d recommend tickets for birthday gifts too if you’re looking for something outside the box!

🦈💙- TBHM Hilary

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