1st Birthday Party

Sound the Alarm! My son, Chief turned 1! I hosted a small firetruck themed party to celebrate. Here are some of the things I did that might inspire you!

Image from his invitation
-I used Paperless Post for online invitations. There are so many designs to choose from. A great way to “go green” and save yourself some time and energy. His party was 2 days ago and I already used Paperless Post again to send out thank you notes! The ease of this has helped me start my week with one less dark cloud over my head. I always send thank you cards but this seemed like the perfect way to please everyone. (especially my sanity) Welcome to 2018 people!

Paperless Post Thank You Card with photo from the party!
Whats a first birthday party without a little look back at the year?!


-I used a photo display frame which normally hosts my daughters art, to showcase 12 photos from my son’s first year of life. I loosely started from youngest to most recent. For simplicity, I tore these pics out of some of our Groovebooks.

*To try out Groovebook for yourself, Get a free book with code: Poulsen284

Side note- Groovebooks are also really fun to have in general. My daughter loves flipping through all the books, naming people and talking about memories.

The frame is from Michaels. The exact on I have is on sale now!

Party Display Table
-Time Capsule! I set up a little area for guests to write memories, predictions or anything they like to be opened on my son’s 18th birthday. I love this idea especially since life is so short and we never know what tomorrow may bring. At least he’ll get a glimpse back to his first birthday even if all the people won’t be there to celebrate #18.


-I made all the desserts. The smash cake is a fire hydrant, if you can’t tell. Haha. Cake decorating is not as easy as it looks. No wonder bakeries get the big bucks! A tip I got was to add milk instead of water to the cake mix and 1 package of pudding mix. It turned out really well. Homemade buttercream frosting too. Don’t go store bought!!! I also highly recommend going the cupcake route. People can just grab a dessert as they please, no cutting required! Word on the street: Cake pops were the winner! The red cake stands are from Target’s Dollar Spot.


-Same with these adorable wooden firetruck party favors! Always browse the bargains, guys!

The only family photo we got with Peach
-Balloons and other party supplies from the Dollar Tree I did go all out with the #1 balloon from Party City


-There are a lot of ways to keep up with the firetruck theme. Hose Water anyone?

-I mean, is this the cutest shirt you’ve ever seen?!

Did you have a theme for your child’s first birthday? Any other pro tips you would add to ease a busy mom or dad’s stress when party planning? Comment and share!

🎈🚒🎂-TBHM Hilary

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