Journey To Peace

Who feels like they’re constantly chasing after a fast moving train? A good friend of mine used that analogy for her life right now and it’s been hovering in my mind ever since. This IS my life. Go, go, go. What am I even chasing? What’s the goal of life here? I have been feeling all sorts of “Groundhog Day” around here. Wake up, mom life, bedtime. Do it all again the next day. Never feeling overly accomplished or at peace. Yes, laying on an ocean beach for a week can bring momentary peace but where is it throughout my whole life? Something always needs to be worked on and all my chores are never ending. Spoiler Alert: THEY NEVER WILL END. For the past few years I’ve been working on a new priority of my life. Self care and PEACE. My ultimate goal is Heaven but this isn’t a religious blog platform. So, faith aside, you all deserve peace in your every day. It doesn’t matter your ultimate goal. Retirement at the cabin? RV trip through the continental USA? Or even eternal life. We need as much peace now as we can get. Right Now. Today.

It’s almost impossible not to feel peace in a Hammock at the cabin

I’ve always been a “reactor” as my husband calls it. Highly emotional and charged by events that don’t fall the way I would like. My late Father would see me in a frazzled mood and say calm and lovingly,  “Hilary, life is a progression.” This is one of those drops of wisdom that I think of often. Now, here I am. Working on myself. Are all my chores going to be finished every day? No. There will always be another project to work on, closet to clean, or towel to fold (if you’re anything like me). If I spent all my energy trying to complete every task, every day, I’d surely lose my peace. So after years or even arguably a lifetime of unrest, I decided to take action. Here are some things I have implemented into my daily life on my Journey To Peace. It’s not as radical as you may guess. Take from it what works for you, leave what doesn’t. Every person has their own life goals. I pray you all get just what you’re looking for. In this lifetime, and the next.

With Peach as an infant

-Say “No” More: How many things are you being invited to daily? How many days a week are you scheduled out to do stuff? It’s overwhelming and totally exhausting. It’s truly no way to live. There have been several events in my life I said “yes” to because I thought I should. I hate to disappoint people, blah blah blah. Almost immediately it added stress to my life. I said, “enough is enough.” Cancel it. Now. I can’t tell you the relief that came over me. So much relief! You just can’t please everyone. Spreading yourself too thin is a sure way to lose your peace. Before you can please anyone else. Work on yourself. So now, I say “no” to things I don’t truly want to do. It’s LIBERATING.

-Say “Yes” More: Hold on, you just said “Say no more”. Well, this is the part where you say “yes” more often to the things that fuel your soul and your peace. If folding 4 loads of laundry feeding my soul? No. Is playing with my innocent, fun loving children? YES. 100% YES. Trust me, of all the regrets to be had in the world I most certainly am not going to have it be where I went to an event or cleaned some clutter over quality time with family or friends. Taking time to read an uplifting book, chat with a friend on the phone, tea time, manicures, arts and crafts, bullet journaling, walks to the park… FEED YOUR SOUL.

-Fresh Flowers in the House: I live in Minnesota. Hello, seemingly endless winter. Insert Gloom and Doom. I have always entered grocery stores and admire the fresh cuts. Too many times I pass thinking they’re a frivolous splurge reserved as gifts from my sweetie on special occasions. Guess what? No. It’s almost mind blowing what fresh flowers does for added peace and joy in my life. Like crazy 180 style mood boosting! Maybe it is the beautiful colors? Maybe the scents? Maybe a small reminder of new life and beauty in the world? I don’t know and I don’t care why this helps, but it does. I personally like them in my kitchen (the center of the household) and my main floor bathroom. Some on my bedside table is an added bonus. Luckily this time of year many can be clipped from my home gardens. #grateful

-Exercise: This is something I’ve always struggled with making a priority. Again, so many things to do, so little time. Trust me, you never regret a work out. It really isn’t possible. Unless, you break a toe on a dumbbell, perhaps. It’s truly so uplifting, amazing for your bodies and also a great example to set for my children. The beach body is just an added bonus. Plus, I’m a big fan of snacks…

-Clean 2 Minutes in Every Room: Yes, I’m an advocate of spending quality time with my kids over a pristine home. Yet, disorderly rooms and cluttered chaos leads to less peace for me. I read somewhere about taking 2 minutes to tidy up and clean in every room you enter at home. This can be as simple as making the bed, opening the blinds and putting books away. For something that doesn’t feel like it takes too much out of your day the peace amplifying result is 100% worth implementing in your daily life. It’s helped my immensely.

-Candles, String Lights and Essential Oils (ETC): More aesthetic peace multiplying additions. These are just a few of my favorite, happy and easy ways to bring more peace to my day. This is not the same for everyone of course. Lots of things could fall into this category. Personalize it, if you will. Make your house your sanctuary. I specifically don’t let my kids in my bedroom. I like my bed nice and made, my string lights, candles, diffusers, books, etc. Kids are chaotic. At the end of the night I want to enter my bedroom and feel that sense of peace and order in a wild world. It’s nice to have a separate area that isn’t disrupted by kids toys or leftover destruction.

-Prayer/Meditation/Goal Setting: In a particularly unsettling moment, feeling impatient, frustrated, overwhelmed I have learned to stop and slow down. For me this is a time of prayer. It can be as small as a proclamation of gratefulness. If you aren’t one to pray this could be a time to meditate and slow down. Even just setting goals for the future or even later that day. Accomplishing small things is uplifting! I take the time to go over what went well and what I have to be thankful for. There is so much… It’s a time to re-start, re-focus and re-fresh who I want to be and how I can stay on my Journey To Peace. No wasted days. Beauty in every day. LIVE IT.

Happy, peace filled moment from my 30th Birthday. (March 2018)

How do you add peace to your lives? What feeds your soul? How are you making the most of this mysterious journey of life? World Peace may be the ultimate goal but I believe it starts within ourselves. I can only hope and pray my children get a fighting chance too.

💜-TBHM Hilary

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