Chunky Weaving Class!

Take a walk down memory lane with me. Imagine teenage Hilary, fresh homemade bleached bob, sitting on the floor making hemp necklace after hemp necklace… I since had retired my knotting skills. I figured those days were behind me.

Minnetonka High School Yearbook 2004?

Not so fast!

After seeing a local Minneapolis radio hosts instagram pic of her weaving I fell in love! I immediately recognized the shop she took the class at. I only drive by it 4 times a day!  How convenient for me?! Bring back the 70’s, baby. Or the early 2000’s… Side note- my grandfather had/has some mad macrame skills. I wonder if he has a spare loom collecting dust?

I invited my 2 sisters to join me. (I’m hoping this may turn into a tradition of sorts) Not only did I love everything about the class, it was special time spent with my family.

Ok here are the deets!

Where: Gathered Goods Company    Located in beautiful (I’m probably super biased) Excelsior, Minnesota.


The class was set for 3 hours. It’s designed to teach you the basics of making a woven wall hanging. At the end you’ll leave with a 6″ wall hanging and a loom and supplies if you choose.

100% authentic chunky wool roving to pick from. The instructor orders most of hers from Etsy. The looms are handmade in St. Paul, MN. The loom maker has continued in the family tradition where they originally sold them out of a van in the 70’s. Groovy.

The instructor, Katie, was super friendly, approachable and helpful. She’s basically a triple threat too. Artist, Social Worker and Mother! I’m not sure she ever sleeps. Check out some of her amazing work on her Etsy page.

There are a variety of tools, knots and materials you can use. Once you learn the basics the sky’s the limit!

Not only does Gathered Goods Company host a variety of classes, they are a shop that offers products from over 40 different Minnesota based artisans. If you’re not interested in a class, PLEASE stop in and see all the amazing goodies they do have. Perfect for gifts and something for everyone. I even left with kitty slippers for my daughter, a T shirt, a pallet sign and a handmade bow. #sendhelp or don’t…


Here is their calendar of events. Offering weaving, watercolor, succulent bar, macrame and more! I think watercolor is calling my name next time.

I was lucky to meet, Nicole, one of the owners. Her and I both have a daughter and son the same age. We live in the same town also! It was meant to be!

I purchased the loom at the end of class. I have so much inspiration now! I’m not totally sure I needed to add another hobby to my life. I’ll just think of it as returning to my roots.

✌🏼, TBHM Hilary

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Emoji Valentines!

Say hello to arguably the cutest of the easiest valentines to make at home with toddlers. No glitter to clean up (even though I really wanted to bling these out) I had enough Ritz cracker crumbs to clean up already. Which I’ll actually leave for my dogs… Look at these cuties! They’ll have you like 😍. Ya feel me?!

No, Peachy Popper’s handwriting is not this advanced. We utilize “hand over hand”

Things you’ll need:

Printer- hopefully you aren’t “low on ink” SMH story of my life… I suspect there’s a conspiracy behind my printer always being low on ink but thats a rant for another day.

Paper- cardstock would be best, but you guessed it, no, I didn’t have any. Regular printer paper it is. Do I need to remind you? Not a perfectionist here.


Glue or Tape in a pinch

Chocolate Heart Candies- I used Hershey’s Caramel

Just head on over too Google Images for an emoji template. There are tons to choose from. You don’t have to stick to the heart eyes. I particularly like the first 2 options.

Peach (2) focused on her “work” as she calls it. Can you say “Montessori kid?”

Add a drop of glue to each eye and stick a chocolate on. Use a decent sized drop. Wait for them to dry before signing your name. If you didn’t use cardstock I would recommend cutting some paper bags or doubling up the paper for added strength.


Don’t forget to eat a little treat along the way.

Are you making valentines at home this year? Comment and let me know what you do. If you try this valentine project out tell me or tag @totallyblessedhotmess on instagram in your pics so I can see the cuteness.

😍❣️💘-TBHM Hilary

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2 Ingredient DIY Play Dough 

I had 1K things to do but I said “screw it”. Today I’m gonna be a cool mom. Let’s make the house even messier, ignore the endless chore list but make some memories. DIY Play Dough it is! Don’t worry, there’s no way I had special glue and glitter on hand. I’m not “that cool”. Shave cream and cornstarch it is! 

It’s beyond simple to make. Even a 2 year old can do it 😉 Which by now I could bet you know my daughter was in heaven. Grab a bowl and mix equal parts corn starch and shave cream. I eyeballed it. Which is a rule of thumb for my life. Included but not limited to my- cooking, driving and parenting. 

Peach 2.5 adding cornstarch to the bowl

I recommend just mixing it up with your hands. We added a few optional drops of food coloring for funsies. 

I gave her a plate, bowl and some utensils. She was set! The little chef in her began making pizza. 

Baby safe play too! Just put the dough in a baggie! 

Chief (9 Months Old) with baggie of Play Dough

Perfect for a weekend Crafternoon ☺️

Let me know if you give it a try with your babes!

💚🥣  TBHM Hilary

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DIY Pumpkin Garland

If you’re from Minnesota I’m sure you’re familliar with MEA Break. Most schools have 2-3 days off this week for a large teacher convention. That means a lot of us parents are home with the kiddos or heading out for a long weekend getaway. Here’s a fun autumn craft to do with your family with the extra time. Made with things your probably have around the house!

DIY Pumpkin Garland! Easy enough for toddlers and fun for adults too. 

You don’t need to make garland if you don’t want. You can just make some pumpkins to decorate flower pots, candles, your front door, etc. 

Supplies Needed:

– Brown Paper Bag 1-2 (depending on how many pumpkins you make)

– White Paper (I used my regular printer paper) 5-10 sheets

– Paper Plate 

– Paint: Orange & Green (or any color you like. I used ALEX Sparkle Paints)

– Apple (slice in half)

– Fork 1-2 to make a handle on your apple stamp

– Chopstick or Toothpick for painting the stem (could use a variety of other items to accomplish this)

– String (I used thing hemp)

– Tape or Glue Stick (I used tape because I’m a hot mess and didn’t have a glue stick which would have been ideal)

– Markers (for optional pumpkin embellishments)

First- Slice Apple in half, add fork like a handle and squirt desired amount of paint on the paper plate

Second- Dip Apple into paint and stamp onto white paper. 

Third- Put some green paint on the paper plate. Using a chopstick or other utensil paint the pumpkin stem on. 

Let dry. 

After the pumpkins are dry, cut around each pumpkin leaving a little white edge. 

Glue or tape the pumpkins onto the brown paper bag. Then cut around each pumpkin leaving a brown frame. 

Cut desired length of string. I chose to hang mine on my fireplace mantle. 

Use the end of a scissor tip to make a small hole in the paper for the pumpkins to slide on the string. 

You can decorate your pumpkins with jack o lantern faces, letters to spell out words such as H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N or festive phrases. 

My little Peach (2.5) loved this activity. She helped with all the painting and stamping. When she was napping I completed the garland. She woke up to a fun surprise!

I hope you all enjoy this autumn craft! Shoot me a comment with your pics if you make them.