Chunky Weaving Class!

Take a walk down memory lane with me. Imagine teenage Hilary, fresh homemade bleached bob, sitting on the floor making hemp necklace after hemp necklace… I since had retired my knotting skills. I figured those days were behind me.

Minnetonka High School Yearbook 2004?

Not so fast!

After seeing a local Minneapolis radio hosts instagram pic of her weaving I fell in love! I immediately recognized the shop she took the class at. I only drive by it 4 times a day!  How convenient for me?! Bring back the 70’s, baby. Or the early 2000’s… Side note- my grandfather had/has some mad macrame skills. I wonder if he has a spare loom collecting dust?

I invited my 2 sisters to join me. (I’m hoping this may turn into a tradition of sorts) Not only did I love everything about the class, it was special time spent with my family.

Ok here are the deets!

Where: Gathered Goods Company    Located in beautiful (I’m probably super biased) Excelsior, Minnesota.


The class was set for 3 hours. It’s designed to teach you the basics of making a woven wall hanging. At the end you’ll leave with a 6″ wall hanging and a loom and supplies if you choose.

100% authentic chunky wool roving to pick from. The instructor orders most of hers from Etsy. The looms are handmade in St. Paul, MN. The loom maker has continued in the family tradition where they originally sold them out of a van in the 70’s. Groovy.

The instructor, Katie, was super friendly, approachable and helpful. She’s basically a triple threat too. Artist, Social Worker and Mother! I’m not sure she ever sleeps. Check out some of her amazing work on her Etsy page.

There are a variety of tools, knots and materials you can use. Once you learn the basics the sky’s the limit!

Not only does Gathered Goods Company host a variety of classes, they are a shop that offers products from over 40 different Minnesota based artisans. If you’re not interested in a class, PLEASE stop in and see all the amazing goodies they do have. Perfect for gifts and something for everyone. I even left with kitty slippers for my daughter, a T shirt, a pallet sign and a handmade bow. #sendhelp or don’t…


Here is their calendar of events. Offering weaving, watercolor, succulent bar, macrame and more! I think watercolor is calling my name next time.

I was lucky to meet, Nicole, one of the owners. Her and I both have a daughter and son the same age. We live in the same town also! It was meant to be!

I purchased the loom at the end of class. I have so much inspiration now! I’m not totally sure I needed to add another hobby to my life. I’ll just think of it as returning to my roots.

✌🏼, TBHM Hilary

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Super Bowl LII is hosted in Minneapolis, MN this year. The city has pulled out all the stops for entertainment including ‘Sota-Pop! A free pop up interactive art exhibit! Put on by Explore Minnesota and created by local artists. One of my personal favorites being abstract artist, Ashley Mary. (Follow her on IG!) Nestled in the Renaissance Square storefront at 500 Nicollet Mall. Swing in this weekend before the big game and get some of the best instagram worthy photo-ops around! Take a trip along the “Mississippi River” walls and see how Minnesota is “more than just cold, we’re cool!”  We actually have 4 seasons…

“First” Stop: First Avenue Inspired Wall of Fame. Swing by the real deal to see one of our city’s most celebrated entertainment spots.

Make your name on a star:



I bet I’m not the only Minnesotan ready for spring…

Tee Time: Free Souvenir ‘Sota-Pop golf balls too! (Big hit with the toddlers)



Take a walk on the dock into Summer… Like the Northern Lights?!



Ever heard of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox? YeeHaw.


Next by the talented Ashley Mary! If confetti doesn’t bring you complete joy then we can’t be friends…



Last but not least, Greetings from Minnesota. (Grab a postcard with this mural below on the way out)


Welcome to the Bold North! Have you checked out ‘Sota-pop yet? If you do let me know what you think! Tag @totallyblessedhotmess on Instagram to show me your pics. *Hot Mess Blog to come on the parking situation…

-TBHM Hilary

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Kids Eat Free! 

There’s not a parent I know that doesn’t appreciate a “Kids Eat Free” day.  Personally, after a long day of pounding coffee, wiping butts and folding laundry sometimes the only push I need to go to a restaurant is a free meal for my toddler. Ok fine, I wasn’t planning on cooking. Free kids meals just make me feel better about my life choices. 

Peach (2.5) having a balanced meal of chips and saltine crackers

I have compiled a list of some popular restaurants in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) area that offer a kids eat free meal. Some of which offer the meal for a discounted price around .99¢. Most require purchase of 1 adult entree per Free children’s dinner, age 12 and under. 

When the buffet is toddler eye level…


La Casita – 8yr and under


Dickey’s BBQ Pit

Tailgate- Minneapolis

White Castle- 4-8PM

El Toro


Pub 819- Hopkins after 2PM

Lone Spur- Hopkins

Patty Wagon- SW Minneapolis

Damico & Sons- St. Paul, Roseville, Edina & Wayzata

Mill Valley Kitchen


IHOP 4-9PM Monday-Friday

Streetz American Grill- Bloomington

Broders Pasta Bar- 8yr Old and under

QCumbers – .99¢

Buffalo Wild Wings- 5-8PM .99¢

Fuddruckers- 4-9PM .99¢


Green Mill- 4-8PM

Famous Dave’s 


Pizza Hut 

Hazel’s- NE Minneapolis 

Denny’s- 4-10PM up to 2 kids eat free per adult 

George & the Dragon 

Dakota Junction- Mound starts at 5PM 

Tiny Diner


Toddler Tuesday’s at Mall of America. Click Here for full list of kids eat free restaurants


Qdoba – Sunday too

Scotty B’s- Mound

Patricks- Maple Grove

Tasty Pizza- Colombia Heights


Hyvee- Brooklyn Park

Old Country Buffet – $1.99


Maple Grove Tavern


Solos Pizza Cafe


The Lodge/ Stage 81

Coopers Pub- St. Louis Park

Lotus (daily)

Chief & Peach patiently awaiting noodles

My personal favorite is the quaint farm to table , Dakota Junction in Mound, MN. If you venture out, you may just spot me there on a Tuesday evening. 

If you have any other local favorites with Kids Eat Free specials send me a comment and I’ll update the list.

* specials are subject to change without notice. *

Peach (2) because ice cream is delicious

I’d recommend getting a glass of wine or beer with the money you saved on your kids meal. If you had a day like I did you probably deserve it.

Cheers! – Hilary