Summer Bucket List (join me!)

We’re in the final countdown to the last day of school! I’m starting to think of all the stuff I want to do with my kids over the break. We need to make the most of our summer. Especially in Minnesota, where the warm days are limited. I refuse to wake up one late August day and wish we had experienced more.

One of my friends did a Summer Bucket List with her kids last year and I thought it was such a fun idea! Now that my son is officially a toddler there’s more we can do. I went a got a display board so we can cross things off our list and stay motivated picking out things to do all summer long. Fun for the kids to decorate too or if you like getting artsy (I do! I had a lot of fun working on it)

Here’s the full list of what I have picked. Keep in mind my daughter just turned 3 and my son is 15 months old.

-Play Outside in the Rain   -Sparklers   -Outdoor Concert

-5 New Playgrounds   -Science Museum   -Blow Dandelion Seeds

-Weekend Getaway   -Plant Flowers   -Walk to Local Ice Cream Shop

-Fly a Kite   -Donate Toys/Clothes   -Make Homemade Lemonade

-State fair   -Pasta jewelery

-Beach Picnic   -Fishing with Dad   -Sculpture Garden

-Strawberry Picking   -Make Sun Tea   -Llama Farm

-Fro-yo Date   -Smores on a Bonfire   -County Fair

-Tie Dye   -Plant Veggies   -Splash Pad

-Rainy Day Fort   -Water Balloons   -Go Thrifting

-Family Game Night   -Make a Bird House   -Farmers Market

-Dog Park   -Family Movie Night   -Hammock Cuddle Session

-Make Banana “Ice Cream”   -Silly String Fight   -Run Through Sprinklers

-Pick Flowers   -Catch A Butterfly   -Car Show

-Make A Fairy Garden   -Hopscotch   -Find Tadpoles

-Homemade Pizza Party   -Garage Sale Shopping   -Volunteer

-Zoo (MN & Como)   -Rainy Day Pajama Party   -Boat Ride

-Feed Ducks   -Bird Watching   -Childrens Museum

-Petting Zoo   -Cook A Family Meal With Our Homegrown Veggies

-Family Game Night   -Amusement Park

I’m going to shoot for doing 4-5 things on our list every week.

I encourage you to make a summer bucket list! If you have kids or not! (I definitely took a moment to day dream a no-kid summer bucket list- wow it looks fun 😜) I might even make a separate bucket list just for myself. Join me in making the most of your summer! If you want to participate in the fun, post your bucket list pics on Instagram and tag @totallyblessedhotmess! I’d love to follow along in your journey too! I’ll be posting as we cross of things through these sunny months!

Beauty in every day, guys!

☀️🍦⛱- TBHM Hilary

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Chunky Weaving Class!

Take a walk down memory lane with me. Imagine teenage Hilary, fresh homemade bleached bob, sitting on the floor making hemp necklace after hemp necklace… I since had retired my knotting skills. I figured those days were behind me.

Minnetonka High School Yearbook 2004?

Not so fast!

After seeing a local Minneapolis radio hosts instagram pic of her weaving I fell in love! I immediately recognized the shop she took the class at. I only drive by it 4 times a day!  How convenient for me?! Bring back the 70’s, baby. Or the early 2000’s… Side note- my grandfather had/has some mad macrame skills. I wonder if he has a spare loom collecting dust?

I invited my 2 sisters to join me. (I’m hoping this may turn into a tradition of sorts) Not only did I love everything about the class, it was special time spent with my family.

Ok here are the deets!

Where: Gathered Goods Company    Located in beautiful (I’m probably super biased) Excelsior, Minnesota.


The class was set for 3 hours. It’s designed to teach you the basics of making a woven wall hanging. At the end you’ll leave with a 6″ wall hanging and a loom and supplies if you choose.

100% authentic chunky wool roving to pick from. The instructor orders most of hers from Etsy. The looms are handmade in St. Paul, MN. The loom maker has continued in the family tradition where they originally sold them out of a van in the 70’s. Groovy.

The instructor, Katie, was super friendly, approachable and helpful. She’s basically a triple threat too. Artist, Social Worker and Mother! I’m not sure she ever sleeps. Check out some of her amazing work on her Etsy page.

There are a variety of tools, knots and materials you can use. Once you learn the basics the sky’s the limit!

Not only does Gathered Goods Company host a variety of classes, they are a shop that offers products from over 40 different Minnesota based artisans. If you’re not interested in a class, PLEASE stop in and see all the amazing goodies they do have. Perfect for gifts and something for everyone. I even left with kitty slippers for my daughter, a T shirt, a pallet sign and a handmade bow. #sendhelp or don’t…


Here is their calendar of events. Offering weaving, watercolor, succulent bar, macrame and more! I think watercolor is calling my name next time.

I was lucky to meet, Nicole, one of the owners. Her and I both have a daughter and son the same age. We live in the same town also! It was meant to be!

I purchased the loom at the end of class. I have so much inspiration now! I’m not totally sure I needed to add another hobby to my life. I’ll just think of it as returning to my roots.

✌🏼, TBHM Hilary

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Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Here are some of my favorite ideas for toddler Easter baskets that won’t give them a sugar high. Peace be with you all this Easter!


-Board books


-Stuffed Animals

-Coloring books/ arts and craft supplies


-Rainboots or Sandals

-Sun hats

-Warm weather jammies


-Spring outfit

-Water Bottles

-Fun toothbrushes




-Sidewalk chalk

-Sand Toys

I highly recommend the dollar section at Target for some adorable Easter basket goodies. I plan to add a few more items to our baskets once the personalized ones I ordered arrive!

How cute are these?! Made by Sticky Momma Designs!

What fun surprises are you putting in your children’s baskets this year?

🐇🐣-TBHM Hilary

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InnerActive Indoor Playground

Old Man Winter hit the Twin Cities hard this week. Brrr baby, brrr. My little Peach couldn’t play outside much and it’s obviously wearing on her (and me 😬). After 2 days of nap struggles I knew we had to get that tiny bod moving. Hard. InnerActive is the gal for the job! 

Peach (2.5)

Located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, InnerActive is a climate controlled indoor playground open 365 days a year! Children ages 1-17 are admitted for $9/ day. Open from 7:30-9 PM. Adults are free with paying child. Today it cost $9 total for my 2.5 year old, my 10 month old, my sister and I. Monthly and yearly memberships are available. 

Chief (10months)

Picture large scale playground, toddler playground, huge jumping pillow, climbing wall, basketball court, soccer court, building block area, nursing room, family restroom, party room and more! InnerActive can meet almost any child’s entertainment needs. 

Peach on the jumper with her Auntie (my super helper of the day!)

InnerActive is an “unstaffed” facility. That’s how they can manage to be open everyday for long hours. You just buy your admission online and use a code to enter the secured building. 

Chief mountain climbing up the jumper

A few Pro-Tips:

-Bring socks for everyone. Preferably non-slip grippers for young children.

-If going with multiple children including an infant, bring a baby carrier or extra set of hands. Really, both if you can swing it. (Like me ✋🏼 I got super lucky having a 17yr old sister at the same time I have young children – I pay her in food)

-Dress your mobile children in the brightest clothing they own. Probably the most important tip. DO IT. You are going to regret it if you don’t. They move fast and this place is bustling. 

Peach’s porthole peeping (aka in her fort)

This wasn’t our first time to InnerActive and it will not be our last! I’m already thinking ahead to Peach’s 3rd birthday party. 🤔 This might just be the winning place! 

On the Toddler Play Gym

Bring your own snacks or meals. Vending machines and delivery available. Check out the InnerActive website to learn more or buy a day of play! 
Here I am taking Chief down the slide for the first time

If you go to InnerActive I suggest swinging by Ham’s Sandwich Shop or grabbing some to bring to InnerActive with you! Delish! Just a minute from IA!

Have you been to InnerActive yet? I’d love to hear what you thought! Or if you go after seeing this HMU with how it went! If you have another favorite indoor playground- share the wealth! We’ve got to keep these kids busy in the winter season and ensure nap-time! P.S. Peach had an accident free day! #Blessed

🤸🏼‍♀️🏀⚽️❄️- TBHM Hilary

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Not Your Average Breakfast with Santa 

The magic of the morning was overflowing. Santa, breakfast buffet, cookie decorating, ornament making, leather crafts, horses, lake views, nature walks and more was experienced this morning. Where might you wonder? Voyager Environmental Center in Mound, MN. Lodge and cabins, hiking trails, beaver pond, pine forest, archery range and more overlooking Little Long Lake. I might just venture to say this is what dreams are made of. Side note- we arrived only 40minutes later than I told my friends. Smh. #Hotmessforlife

Peach (2.5) telling Santa she’d like cookies for Christmas

Our family of 4 entered for $25.00. The buffet was filled with pancakes, eggs, bacon, apples, coffee, juice, hot cocoa and plenty of toppings. The decorate your own cookie bar was a big hit too! Especially after my daughter told Santa she’d like “cookies” for Christmas. (Lucky us, that’s a pretty inexpensive request 😉) 

BIG PLUS- no line for Santa and I took as many photos as my heart desired. 

Chief (10mo) & Peach (2.5) visiting with Santa

Now let’s get a little creative! Or perhaps messy… Make and decorate your own ornament from buckthorn tree discs. I’m looking forward to my children’s Christmas tree ornament collections. Bring on the traditions!
Peach (2.5) working on her ornament
Next up, customize your own leather bracelets! Hand pound letters and designs! Peach had some assistance from her daddy. 

Outside we go! Perhaps the highlight of the morning.

Carrots or mini candy canes were very popular treats. To complete the outdoor adventure, leaf pile! 

Peach with my friend and fellow Mom bloggers son
Little Long Lake. Mound, MN.

Owned and operated under The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities. Open for events like today, summer camps, rental options, etc. View their website here. My local friend had told me about today’s gathering. Facebook had an event page as well. 

There are many Santa breakfasts around. This one takes the cake in my honest opinion. We’re hitting another one in a couple of weeks. Do you have a favorite location or family tradition? Comment and share please!

Me & Chief headed out!

❤️🐴 -TBHM Hilary

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Cyber Monday Favorites!

I have to follow up on My favorite Black Friday deals with CYBER MONDAY! If you’re reading this you use the internet so check out the deals that caught my eye today! 

First up! OLD NAVY! 50% off EVERYTHING. That’s literally everything, peeps! Plus, get a free gift too! I saw cozy socks as one option. I’m always in the market for PJs for the kids. I need outfits for a family photo shoot in January so I’m looking for that too! Shop till ya drop here!

Ad sent via email subscription

Up next, TARGET! Can’t forget my favorite store, guys! 15% off everything! Use your Red card (I have the debit one) and get another 5% off. I’m testing out their new order drive-up pickup service today. I literally only ordered 1 package of Boogie Wipes. Browse here!

Zutano Booties are back at 25% off! Maybe it’s time to advance to gripper bottom booties for those babies on the move! Or grab a couple gifts (that’s my plan). Shop sale now!

Up to 80…that’s right 80% off at Gymboree! Tons of great children’s clothing at major discounts today.

GAP! 50% off and more! Definitely the right time to hit Gap if you dig their goods. I only get Gap stuff on a discount. Shoutout to their baby sleepers. Great quality that can withstand endless laundering. Get at it!

Young Living! 💓 Super deals on Ningxia Red. What’s that you ask? Only a super antioxidant juice drink full of heathy goodness. Vitality oils 15% off too! Questions on Young Living? Let me know. My team has a Facebook group where we’re having new prospects in to learn about everything we have to offer. Let me know if you want to check it out. Red Hot Deals here

Hilary Poulsen Young Living Distributor #3348692

Sign up with a Premium Starter Kit and get a gift mailed to your door from me. You’ll love it! Promise ☺️ 

What Cyber Monday deals are you finding? Let me in on your favorite deals of the day!

Happy Shopping!

📱🖥💻- TBHM Hilary

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Mommy and Me Outfits

The day I found out I was having a girl I started daydreaming of us matching. Or “twinning” if you will. Can you blame me? I was getting my own little mini me! (Even though she came out looking exactly like her father) Where does one even find matching outfits in adult and infant sizes? I had no idea. Fast forward a few months. I’m out swinging through Old Navy for deals with my baby girl strapped to my chest. *Always enter Old Navy with your arms free😆*. I look through the women’s section first, then on to babies. I notice a similar pattern sundress. Stops…did I really just find mommy & me sundresses?! Heck yes, I’m getting them! Just in time for Mother’s Day 💕

Here I am holding Peach (13 Months Old) in matching Old Navy sundresses. On Mother’s Day!

I even got us matching sandals from Target (not pictured). Yep, I’m once again, “that Mom”. Old Navy doesn’t clearly promote their mommy & me collection in store. However, they have several styles and patterns that are indeed matching. They do have a section dedicated on their website. Browse through right here

I also love getting dresses for my daughter because she can normally wear them the next season as a cute top with leggings. Now let’s talk MATCHING LEGGINGS!!! I’m sure you’ve heard of Lularoe. The first leggings I ever purchased from LLR were matching ones for Peach and I! I fell in love with the “buttery soft” material. Am I even wearing pants?! Especially perfect for sweet little legs.

If I can’t find an actual Mommy & Me set I’m all for twinning by color/fabric/accessory coordination. Point A, B and C below 👇🏼

Peach (13 Months) and I. Twinning in gray outfits, headbands and sandals

If you thought I’d limit my twining to my daughter you’ve been mistaken. Obv I want to match with my sonshine too! 💙

Chief (7 Months) and I. Matching in blue velour sweatshirts

Chief sporting Absorba Baby and I’m in Juicy Couture. Mine has matching jogger shorts not pictured yet, worth mentioning 😁

My baby, Chief (7 Months Old) and I. Twinning swimwear… twinning swimwear guys!

My monokini from Target. Chief’s rash guard from Old Navy. Swim trunks from Baby Gap. Hat from Target. 

I have also been known to “Twin” with footwear. Ugg, Nike and Minnetonka Moccasin are some of my favorites to date. 

Peach & I in our Minnetonka Moccasins
Nike Air Max (women’s and infant pictured)

My hubby has matching Air Max Nikes with us too. “Icy whites” that didn’t last long!

Have you found any Mommy & Me outfits around? I’d love to know where your favorites came from. If you’re on the fence about twinning…don’t be! They’re only little once. I’m sure it’s a matter of time before they only wear black. 😉 

✌🏼💁🏼‍♀️-TBHM Hilary

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