UClick Studio

Do you feel like a professional photographer wannabe? Or maybe just a baby obsessed amateur behind a smart phone like me? Perhaps you are a professional. If you want to get some fun shots of your family or clients you best get to UClick Studio! 

UClick Studio is a photography studio for rent located in Chanhassen, MN. There are 2 options, natural or artificial light studios.  You can rent by the hour, day or even a yearly package which would be great for your baby’s first year.  $45/ hour for 1 studio. 

UClick Store front – street parking

Included in the standard rental fee are:

Props: hats, masks, benches, stools, flowers, blankets, buckets, ottomans and much more!

Backdrops: Muslin/cloth, paper, canvas, wall decals, vinyl and fun extras like large flowers

Lighting and other equipment such as tripods, etc.

Peach (2.5) and Chief (9months) in the natural light studio

It’s super easy to make an appointment to reserve your spot. Just fill out some information online after checking UClick’s calendar availability. The owner, Tracy was very helpful with setting up props and backdrops. As well as great ideas to add to our shoots. I’ve used UClick multiple times. On my own doing casual shots of my children and as the subject for professional photographers. 

Myself with my son(9months)photographed by my Mother in Law. Natural Light Studio

UClick also offers seasonal promotions such as photograph opportunities with Santa and live bunnies for Easter! Have a look at their website right here 

Have you used UClick before? I’d love to hear how your experience was! Have any other favorite rental studios? Let a Hot Mess know! 

❣️- TBHM Hilary 

Favorite Baby Item of the Week- Duvet Sleep Sack

If you have now or have had a baby in the age between swaddles and blankets you’re familiar with “sleep sacks.” Well, friends let me introduce you to the holy grail of wearable blankets.  Drumroll please…

The Gunapod Duvet Sleepsack.

When I hear “Duvet” I think the softest, fluffiest comforter heaven has to offer. This sleepsack holds up to its name. I’m borderline swooning over it. When I went out shopping for a few wearable blankets the store clerk said she’d go “get the duvet from the back” to show me. The second I touched it I was like “sold!” Didn’t even check the price tag.

Chief (9months) in dreamland sporting his Duvet

I’ll spill on the price- $50.00. That may startle you. I get it. But I’m telling you- this sleepsack is like luxury baby wonderland. I want one in adult size. (HMU if that’s a thing.)

Honestly, I would buy this product again and again. It’s like my Roomba. Worth every penny. It’s something I use everyday and he’ll at least get 6 Months wear out of it. Plus, this will be saved for future babes, no doubt. 

If you can’t get around paying that much I highly suggest putting it on a registry or telling family to get it for a holiday gift. You will NOT be dissatisfied. Eco friendly, hypoallergenic, thermal regulating bamboo fibers, high quality zippers and snaps and available in 4 colors.

Check out the duvets Here

However, I really recommend making a trip to Amma Parenting in Edina where I purchased my sons. I feel like I’m going to visit Santa when I’m there. From toys, books, sippy cups, tethers and much more it’s 100% worth your time. Maybe go on your payday 😜 Amma’s info Here

Have you tried the Gunapod Duvet? Have any other favorites? Comment and let me know!

💖- TBHM Hilary

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Shop till ya drop!

Can we just talk about my love for children’s consignment shops?! My favorite go-tos are Children’s Orchard in Minnetonka and Once Upon a Child (OUAC). This morning after dropping Peach off at Montessori school, Chief and I headed to OUAC. In search of some warmer clothes for him. 

Can you say “score”! I got 7 pants, 6 shirts, 2 hoodies, 1 fleece Sleeper, 3 winter hats and 1 pair of mittens. Grand total: $62.38. It comes out to approximately $3 an item. I’m not much for math but this is the kind I can wrap my head around! 😜 Most of these items are Baby Gap. For reference most of the baby gap hoodies go for around $30. I like the quality stuff but not always the price tag.

You can also become a rewards member for special promotions. Just type in your phone number at the register.

How cute is this lobster hoodie?! ❤️

Check out their website to find a location near you and join their email list for coupons and events Here 

Children’s Orchard is Super clean and has an impressive clothing selection. See their website Here

If you have a favorite place to bargain shop for you kiddos I’d love to know! Shoot me a comment.  Happy Monday everyone!

Pumpkin Spice Lattes for all!

If you’re a Minnesotan you know that pumpkin spice latte season is alive and well.

Which leads me to my favorite baby item of the week!

Look at this onesie I just bought for my son! Organic Full Fat Breast Milk Pumpkin Spice Latte! With nursing mommy heart decal included. 💓 Ok. Can you even handle how cute Chief (9months) is in this?! I didn’t think so.

What’s even better? They’re handmade in Minnesota from a fellow breastfeeding mama. If you don’t know, there’s kind of a club. 😉 The support is strong with these women. A sisterhood. Again, maybe a post for another day.

Home Grown Locally Fed is her business.

To purchase this onesie and view other products click here #shopsmall #shoplocal #eatlocal #powertotheboob

If you’re also in love with coffee like me, you basically have to buy your baby this teether. P.S. toddlers like them too. 😜 I bought mine in store at none other than, Target.